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forex trading increases popularity over casino games

When you talk about online casino games, everybody seems to know about it. Online casinos can be spotted everywhere online and it’s very hard to avoid these kind of platforms. Online games and casinos are dominating the world wide web and the popularity of these kind of platforms is still increasing everyday. However, there is another type of industry that is making its way through smartphones and computers in many different households: trading platforms. Even though these two industries don’t seem to have a lot of things in common, they are actually quite similar. Both industries are operating on the internet and both industries are based on payment methods and transactions.

What is so interesting of online casinos and cryptocurrency businesses is that they contain one clear overlap. This overlap can be noticed if you are planning to play at an online casino. A lot of online casinos nowadays offer you transaction methods in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency coins. This means that they are aware of today’s technology and innovation. Even though the online casinos are extremely popular, it really seems that the crypto business find their way on the internet as well. Especially the company Forex, which is a very well known trading platform, really increased the popularity over online casinos and games. People now rather like to spend their money in investments then try their luck in an online casino. Both industries can be very risky regarding winning or losing money, but more and more people seem to have faith in trading instead of gambling.

Why is it that online traders seem to be more trustworthy than online casinos? It really has to do with reputation and security. Since the online casino industry is still suffering from unreliable platforms all over the internet, people are often quite scared to transfer money to an online account. With online traders however, you will be able to find reliable platform in no time. This has to do with strict regulations and conditions that come along. Since online trading is all about trading with real money, the platform has to make sure that it contains all the right security and licenses. This is also happening at online casinos, but people still seem to be very cautious. It is no secret that the online casino industry has a really bad reputation regarding addictions, even though the cryptocurrency can cause the exact same thing.

So the main question of our article, is Forex trading increasing the popularity over online casinos, is not very easy to answer. This has to do with so many factors and daily changes. The online casino industry is already here for a very long time and Forex trading is just around the corner. We believe we should wait just a little longer to find out more details, process and the reactions of online users before we can make a final decision. In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more about Forex or other cryptocurrency related platforms, make sure that you will always pick the most reliable and trustworthy one by reading reviews and reports on the internet.

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Lights Slot

The gaming world was incorporating oriental elements into its thematic structures for quite a while now. It, therefore, came as no surprise when Net Entertainment brought its latest addition that does more than just borrow a factor or two. Lights, a game that features 5-reels and 9-pay lines, wholly immerses itself into this fad and fully embraces it. So what are the results? Well, let’s just say, visually impressive without a doubt and being the favorite slot machine of all free spins no deposit casinos we are in for a treat I believe.


There is something surreal about the combination of relaxing music and the beautiful landscape that forms the backdrop for this game. This backdrop contains a series of hills, mountains and a looming dusk which give off an aura of serenity. As it gets dark, the swarm of fireflies gets brighter and brighter bringing a new kind of illumination to the whole set-up. Oriental designs and symbols are evenly distributed throughout the user interface at each stage in keeping with the theme. This is a game that isn’t meant to be rushed when playing the initial sessions. Rather for the player to take his/her time savouring the experience.


Given Lights has 5-reels and 9-pay lines you have the advantage of making plays from as low as 9p a spin to as high as £90 a spin. An honorable mention can be made for how fireflies collectively move to the reels and form hovering wilds on top of existing symbols during a spin. It makes for quite a sight the darker it gets. It might seem difficult to trigger free spins in this game, but the experience is one to be relished. Making significant progress in this game will require one to take advantage of all the free spins that can be gained by landing the yin yang scatter symbols on the reels. Five scatters earn you up to 30 spins. Players who are intent on striving for big wins will be impressed by the returns in this game that can stretch to over 1000 times the size of your original stake given the highest possible win you can attain is 90,000 coins. Light slots have grown very popular since their entry making them a regular fixture in some of the world’s most distinguished online casinos e.g. Casumo casino and widely popular uk mobile casino leo vegas.


Net Entertainment’s latest offerings have been found to exhibit great visuals and an enjoyable experience for players but never quite getting up to speed in the winnings department. Lights Slot is no exception in this regard. It has a return to player percentage of 96.1% which has resulted in plenty of complaints by players over the stark contrast between the many dead spins and the few wins which are so small in value that they beat the very purpose of placing a stake in the first place. It must be stated, however, that the potential for winning big in this game shouldn’t be ignored either. This is because, at any one moment, that big win could be one play away. It’s also possible you just don’t like the slot machines, if so you should try out oen of the many other casino games, like roulette and black jack.

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The Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine

Given how well the Guns and Roses slot and dead or alive slot machine was received by fans, it was only a matter of time before Net Entertainment took a chance with another music icon. There was clearly a large pool of artists to choose from, but they seem to have found the ultimate superstar in Jimi Hendrix; he, of the masterful guitar solos and otherworldly concert performances. They did this by launching a Net Ent slot with 20-pay lines, 3-rows and 5-reels with a cumulative number of 6 bonus features. Given it has been released to the public, the most important question is whether or not this slot channels the same magic that made Jimi Hendrix an enduring fixture in music. The answer to that question is a bold confident yes. It is accessible across all devices be it tablets, phones, and desktops. The same also extends to all the leading operating systems e.g. Windows and Mac OS. Any online slot players who happen to be Jimi Hendrix fans that haven’t played this game are losing out without a doubt.


The first impression you get is that of a slightly cartoonish Jimi Hendrix. Its simplicity might distract you for a while, but you’ll get over it soon enough and begin to appreciate not only its aesthetic quality but the thought process behind it as well. The theme is evidently psychedelic, meaning it was lavished with bright colours and abstract shapes that all channel those of hallucinations and distorted perceptions. This theme is reminiscent of the flower-power era that Jimi Hendrix thrived in back in the 70’s.


The cost of playing sessions is rather fairly priced ranging from 20p to £200 a spin. Given you have a cumulative number of 6 bonus features with only two in the base game, the goal among most players is to reach the Pick and Click feature that unlocks the other four bonus features. However, they have to keep you engaged so that you can earn your way to the top. You’re going to have to start with the Red Guitar re-spins features, move up to the Purple Haze feature before finally reaching the Pick and Click feature. These two levels all conjure up a type of excitement that increases the higher up you go. Every level teases you to want to go higher. You get to go down memory lane with one of the greatest guitarists to walk this planet while at the same time grossing a good number of re-spins that push you further up till you hit the encore.


Once you reach the pick and click feature, you’re going to have to figure out how to get three of the Jimi Hendrix angel symbols which deliver one of four gifts. One of which could be a potentially huge coin win. Any Jimi Hendrix fans who want in on the action can always have a go at some online casinos that have it on their roster e.g. BGO Casino and Mr. Green.

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Hall of Gods Slot Machine – Progressive Jackpot

Are you crazy about Norse mythology? Well, this is the game for you. Given that Norse gods are strongly featured in it, users should look forward to seeing Thor, Odin and all the other gods that have their fair share of fans in modern pop culture. In addition to offering a wide range of beautiful visual experiences, this game features some impressive jackpots that will get you rearing to start playing it. Hall of Gods is compatible with leading operating systems in the market i.e. Linux, Windows, and Mac.


A game that is wholly inspired by Norse mythology should offer a high level of aesthetic appeal and Hall of Gods doesn’t disappoint. It has all the distinct beautiful graphics that have made Net Entertainment a household name. It features classic Norse artwork and designs that all lend the game an authentic quality. You will have the distinct pleasure of encountering Freya’s pentagram necklace and Loki’s devious scythe. There’s also Thor’s Hammer and the power of Odin’s magical ring. Moreover, the music is constantly playing in the background serves to give it a suspenseful quality. If the big winnings made from playing this came do not blow your mind, then the experience of playing this game certainly will.


Hall of Gods is a progressive jackpot video slot that features 5-reel, 20-pay line, and three bonus features. Individuals who’d wish to play should be willing to part with 20p a spin. This cost can go up to £50 for all 20 pay line. Players will have to learn to navigate their way through this game a couple of times to take advantage of the various opportunities to generate a high number of spins; be it Odin’s ravens, the scatter symbol or the Midgard serpent. As with all games, Hall of Gods requires a bit of practice to get better. Once a certain level of expertise is obtained, you’ll be finding yourself easily racking free spins that can range from 10 to as far as 15. You could easily have a go at this game by taking advantage of the play for free feature offered by online casinos like Mr. Green.


While the base game offers plenty of opportunities for making significant winnings, it’s only until you unlock the bonus game that your capacity to make lucrative wins increases. All you have to do is get the three requisite ‘bonus’ symbols, and you’ll be well on your way to wielding Thor’s hammer. You can now experience the thrill of taking on all the different shields that mask the cash prizes or jackpots. Once you successfully get three of a kind, it’ll now be a question of which win you’ve made. Will it be a cash prize, the grand prize or the main jackpot? Any individuals interested in having a go at this game can always take advantage of the welcome bonus offered by reputable online casinos like BGO Casino so that they’re off to a great start.

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Jackpot 6000 Slot Machine

This is an exceedingly popular game that owes much of its charm to its insistence on sticking to a traditional format that doesn’t incorporate any bonus features as is the case with most modern day slot machines. This quality, coupled with its high ‘return to player payout percentage’ has made it a hit with many gamers worldwide, both young and old. This game is available for some operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Given this game’s graphics and design, it’s quite clear that Net Entertainment was trying as much as possible to give its users the feeling of being in their dream Las Vegas casino. While it might seem like a daunting task to attempt recreating the feeling one gets from using an actual casino slot, they’ve certainly come close. The video slot possesses a doubling game, 3-reel, 5-win lines as well as a super meter game. To start playing one has to select a betting level from the ones provided which will have a bearing on which win lines are available to him/her. Players whose winning streaks have extended past the main game can try their luck in the doubling game of heads or tails. The stakes at this point mean there’s a high likelihood of the player remarkably increasing his/her winnings. At this point, a player can take a crack at the super meter game.

Facts and figures

What gives Jackpot 6000 its popularity beyond its great design is the player percentage which is maintained at between 95.1% and 98.9% in scenarios where one is playing maximum bet spins. The range of the values of coin begin at a minimum of 0.01 and rise to a maximum of 1.00. The cumulative number of betting levels and coins values on this game stand at six and four respectively. Players that manage to line the three Joker symbols while playing maximum bet spins all have the luck of being rewarded with 6000 coins. The benefit of all the features and qualities offered to players in Jackpot 6000 is that should they choose to play their cards right and work with reputable online casinos like BGO Casino and Mr. Green, then the chances of them winning plenty of cash are quite high.

Bonus features

Most online slot machines never quite give you much in bonus features. Jackpot 6000 however, provides you with some bonuses that will make your gaming experience worthwhile both regarding increased choice and more opportunities to win more cash. Heads or tails feature for starters enables players to easily double their winnings as many times as possible until they’re able to move into the super meter game. Players who take advantage of this feature rake in big wins especially on days when they have a great streak. Jackpot 6000 is also accommodating in the sense that one can just cash their winnings in the event they don’t want to play Heads or Tails.

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